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Calligraphica Practice book NavNeet

‘Practice makes perfect’ This practice book is perfect for beginners who want to learn the art of calligraphy.
calligraphy guidelines will be your best friend during calligraphy practice, and it is one of the most effective techniques of learning how to do beautiful, consistent calligraphy. There are many different forms, types, styles and sizes in calligraphy and the guidelines may vary. Depending on what type of calligraphy you are practicing, you can practice different styles of letters in different practice sheets. we provide three different types of practice sheets with instruction in this book. feint lines and good quality papers in the book will help to keep up the flow of your practice.

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*Ideal for beginners and intermediate calligraphers
*Apply techniques and follow guidelines
*practice basic strokes, letters and different forms
*practice until you become a master of calligraphy
*Enhance your creativity and improve your handwriting

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