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FULLMARKS Ref. Book Of ENGLISH For Class – 10

FULL MARKS English Language & Literature-10 has been thoroughly revised as per the latest NCERT textbooks and CBSE guidelines. Section A: Reading—Consists of a good number of Factual and Discursive passages with questions and answers incorporated with a definite purpose to give the students ample practice and develop comprehending power in them. Section B: Writing and Grammar—Focuses on the art of writing Letters to the Editors, Articles and Short Stories. Sufficient hints and outlines for writing articles and imaginary stories given in the book will help the students think positively and take correct decisions to develop the skill of writing. Section C: Literature Textbooks and Extended Reading Texts/Novels—This section contains detailed textual material of FIRST FLIGHT (English Reader), FOOTPRINTS WITHOUT FEET (Supplementary Reader) and Extended Reading Texts—The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank and The Story of My Life by Helen Keller supported by different styles of questions to make the students aware of the whole chapter at a time. Salient features of the book are as follows: The meanings of all difficult words in all passages and chapters of sections A (passages) and C (textbook) respectively have been given in English as well as Hindi with their pronunciations to help the students understand the text precisely.
In Literature Textbooks and Extended Reading Texts, each lesson contains introduction about the author/poet in English and summary, passages from the NCERT Textbooks, Main points of the story/poem in both English and Hindi.
All NCERT textual questions and varieties of additional questions with answers are given.
CBSE Examination Questions (Delhi, Outside and Foreign) have also been incorporated at the proper places.
The language used in this book is lucid and according to the students’ level of understanding. Thus, the book is up-to-date, dependable and learner friendly resource material to meet the requirements of student.

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