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This book provides an in-depth understanding of the CBSE Class XII curriculum of computer Science (083). It strictly adheres to the new curriculum guidelines laid down by the CBSE. The book deals with advanced concepts of Python programming language, relational database management system (SQL), python-MySQL connectivity, computer networks, data visualisations and Cyber ethics. Python is a popular object-oriented language used both for stand-alone programs and scripting applications in a variety of domains. This book presents a contemporary approach to programming with stress on principles of good programming, such as clarity, legibility and efficiency in program design. Thus, an interactive programming style has been emphasised throughout the book. The key concept of this book is that it teaches advanced Python programming concepts and usage of several Python libraries, such as plotting graphs and charts using Python pyplot, establishing python-MySQL connectivity, implementing Python data structures (stacks and queues) with a student-centred approach. With easy-to-understand examples, practical implementations and other tools, The student will learn how to design the logic of programs and then implement those programs using Python. The text of the book has been presented in a friendly and easy-to-comprehend language. The book contains example programs that are concise and practical besides diagrams and examples from real-life applications. Each Chapter provides tested, debugged and error-free codes with screenshots.

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