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Enhanced FOOTPRINTS – Our Past, Planet, And Society – Class 8 – MacMillan Education


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Footprints Our Past, Planet, and Society is an integrated social science series for classes 1–8. It conforms to the latest curricular guidelines of NCERT. The series conforms to the latest curriculum guidelines. This highly successful series has been revised and upgraded on the basis of user feedback and latest trends in teaching-learning of the discipline.

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Footprints…Our Past, Planet, and Society’ is an integrated social science series for classes 1-10. It conforms to the latest NCERT syllabus and follows guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005. The series dots a thematic approach and connects learning with key concepts or ideas. It is designed to equip both teachers and learners to meet the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Scheme and derive maximum benefit from the teaching and learning experience.


• The series is based on the Green School Initiative of the NCERT, promoting Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), and includes innovative ideas and strategies for achieving the objectives of ESD

• Designed to develop 21st century skills and engage learners in exploratory and hands-on activities to acquire basic cognitive and psychomotor skills through observation, classification, inference, etc.

• Helps in developing values that aim at inculcating in students a mindset to work towards protecting our planet.

• Picture-based activity, The Buzz, to introduce the core theme of the chapter and rouse students’ interest in the subject

• Bee Wise encourages students to learn and imbibe life skills—thinking skills, social skills and emotional skills; Bee Nice instills core values in students.

• Learn by Doing encourages experiential learning and helps in creating knowledge through active experimentation

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