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French Text Book For Class 6 – Apprenons Le Francais


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Apprenons Le Français, a Bestselling series in French, is a set of 10 books for classes 4 to 8 (Textbook and Workbook). the series is planned in such a way that it offers guidance and support to students learning French as a foreign language. USPS: focus on vocabulary and basic rules of grammar to lay a strong foundation of the language. Ample practice material within the textbooks (method de francais) to enable immediate testing of knowledge. Well-designed workbooks (Cahier exercises) with ample exercises to practice concepts. Includes popular French rhymes and provides an insight into French culture. English translation of a number of activities and exercises for Better understanding. Consists of a glossary in every Chapter for the meaning of important words. Key features and benefits: découvrons, a special feature added to every book at regular intervals to showcase French culture and civilization at its best. Autocollants, sticker activities in every book (except book 4), especially done to make the. French learning experience an interactive one. Activity pull-out for every lesson to make for recapitulation through the medium of fun and interaction. New and contemporary artworks to make learning French an easy and interesting experience. More exercises after each chapter for practise. Easy explanation of grammar concepts. Tabular presentation of difficult concepts for easy understanding. Important aspects of grammar highlighted in different colors for better students’ comprehension.



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