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Health and Physical Education Revised Edition Class 11 New Saraswati House

The health and Physical Education textbook from New Saraswati house is based on the latest curriculum outlined by the current central Board of Secondary examination (CBSE). The language used is easy to understand and it also features illustrations, further enhancing the learning experience. Physical Education being a scoring subject helps in elevating the overall average of a student. A thorough read through this book will ensure a good score. It has been penned by V.K. Sharma. Salient features of this book: gives the students a better understanding of the principle and concept relating to the subject. Includes detailed illustrations will not only improve the learning process but will also make it more enjoyable for the students. It lets the students practice A healthy lifestyle by developing in them, a habit of daily exercising. Information about the different postures of yoga, free hand exercises and a healthy diet are few of the things that the book contains within itself.Saraswati Health and Physical Education is a much acclaimed and popular series in Health and Physical Education. The series demonstrates a deep understanding of the principles and concepts related to the subject while providing students with all the pedagogical tools necessary for comprehension and application. The fully revised edition, which includes all the latest developments in the field, in its colourful avatar will not only enhance the teaching-learning process but will also make it more enjoyable.

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* Learner-friendly layout and chapter design.
* Easy and lucid language for better understanding of concepts.
* Variety of questions such as very short answers, short answers, long answers and value based question for practice.

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DR.V K Sharma




CBSE Board, Gujarat Board – English Medium

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New Saraswati House


Physical Education