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marigold english workbook – rachna sagar class-2

NCERT Workbook cum Practice Material for Class 2 Marigold English

is a set of five graded texts. Each book comprises exercises structured in accordance with the NCERT Marigold English textbook series for class 2. They have been prepared conforming to the recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework 2005 and blur the lines of demarcation between home and school for the learner. The content has been prepared to provide additional practice material to reinforce the textual content of the chapters so that the learner can correlate the textbook and the workbook.

Each lesson is divided into various sections thereby covering all the skills required to encourage the overall learning of the language.

• Word View introduces learners to new words. It includes the words given in the NCERT textbooks. In addition, other relevant words from the text and exercises are also included.

• An introductory activity is given in the form of Just to Start which gives learners a brief introduction about the theme of the chapter. It also motivates learners towards the contents of the lesson.

• Show What You Know section covers all the questions given in the NCERT textbooks in addition to other important text-based questions.

• Word Castle works towards honing the vocabulary skills of learners. Each section of vocabulary refers to words given in that particular lesson.

• Grammar Focus is given to acquire and learn the basic concepts of grammar.

• Creative writing practice is given in the form of Your Turn to Write. Lesson-based writing exercises are given to enhance the innovative skills of learners.

• A fun activity related to the lesson is given under Fun Drill. By giving it, we have included the play element of the learning process.

• Riddles and Brain Teasers are loved by children. Therefore, these are given due attention under the Scratch Your Head section.

• Theme-based Speaking Drills and Listening Drills are given throughout to assess and enhance speaking and listening skills as part of Subject Enrichment Activity.

Every care has been taken to make the series as error-free as possible. Suggestions for further improvement of the series will be welcomed.

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based on ncert textbook marigold english workbook -cum-practice material

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