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Mask Mania Pretty Princesses


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The original carnival mask took birth in Venice. people wore it primarily in masquerade parties as it allowed them to shield their identities and celebrate together. venetian masks were made of leather, porcelain or paper mache and wildly decorated with fur, fabric, gems, or feathers. The modern celebration of venetian carnival has reawakened the art and craft of making venetian masks. Recognizable types of venetian masks continue to dazzle tourists, dancers, and participants during carnivals and year round. Wearing venetian masks has spread to halloween masquerade balls and what north and south americans call mardi gras, but they always carry their rich italian history.

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Activity books for Age 6 +

Colour and Wear Elastic band included

Titles in this series:-

  • My friendly animals
  • Funny folks
  • Super heroes
  • Pretty princesses
  • Jungle tales
  • Mysterious monsters
  • Spooky zombies
  • Carnival fun
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