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Model Construction At The Circus Navneet

*The clues to construction of the models are given on the inside cover pages of the book.
*The structural parts are given in pre-punched cut-outs. They are scattered across the pages in the book and bear
numbers in the building order.
*Follow the clues, take out the pre-punched cut-outs one-by-one ,and proceed by simply pushing the tags into the slits indicated by arrows on the cut-outs.
*having built the complete model with elements, the child may shift the different elements at places of his/her own choice.
*Construct this model now in a playday method. Lay a solid foundation for a creative future

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Series has been designed specially for the children of ages between 5-8.This book AT THE CIRCUS of this series will give them a fantastic experience of building a scene of their own! This activity will enhance their creativity and imaginative skills, besides providing hours of fun.

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