Notebook Double Line B5 Size Navneet Youva


Brown note book is a value addition over designed book as it has brown laminated cover, so student need not bother themselves by covering note books with additional brown paper
Soft bound strong & sturdy international style 3 pin binding with back pressing
100 year calendar & schedule provided on inside cover pages
It is cost effective and save efforts of the students and their parents to cover the book
Paper from sustainable sources & acid-free paper that slows shade reversal. The pup is ECF based which reduces toxic effluents

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Size- (18cm x 24cm).
Double Line Notebook with 172 pages.
Made from sustainable sources.
Acid-free treatment.
ECP (Elemental Chlorine Free).
No Rainforests Cut.
Prevents Shades reversal.
Reduces Toxic Effluent.

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Dimensions 18 × 24 × 1 cm


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